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Take Care of Your Skin

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Your skin has been through a lot with you and has probably changed over time from sun damage, weight gain/loss, pregnancy, and more. That’s why our team here at Helotes Derma Aesthetics is proud to offer our clients ways to tighten and rejuvenate their skin, treat acne and rosacea, and beyond. There are many different options for you including BOTOX®/ Dysport® injections, filler injections, and more.

Talk to us about our noninvasive procedures and we’ll be happy to help you decide what is best for you. 

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Multi plataform device

The DermaMax is a multi-platform device, offering 4 innovative technologies in one, easy-to-use machine .Microdermabrasion, LED light energy, puled micro-currents and galvanic currents work together in synergy to obtain extraordinary results.

Natural Beauty

LED light energy 

Blue light at 417nm - acne
Red light at 640nm - anti-aging

The DermaMax utilizes LED light energy to transmit blue and red light to achieve great results in both acne and anti-aging treatments, two of the treatments most commonly requested of skin care professionals. The LEDs utilized in the DermaMax are super luminious and are 10 times stronger than regular LEDs, producing better results in less time. 

Beauty Treatment

Galvanic energy

The DermaMax utilizes two specially designed electrodes to transmit red light energy at 640 nm and pulsed micro currents simultaneously: red light energy to increase the production of collagen and elastin and pulsed microcurrents to penetrate deep into the muscle level to produce visible lifting of the facial contour.

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